The ESNcard is not just the membership card of ESN, is the symbol of a new generation of students, with over 1100 discounts on 136 cities and 37 countries.

>The ESNcard allows you to participate in all our activities at a low price. But that´not all, you can also have benefit from all our local partners arround the citty. You can find the list here




Why do I need the ESNcard?

The ESNcard offers:

- Discounts with our partners for all our activities; discounts for museums, cinemas, restaurants, sports...

- The possibility to attend all our parties; discounts for discos, bars....

- The possibility to attend all our trips 

- Discounts with the partners of any ESN Section, you can find the complete list of all the partners in Europe on ESNcard website here.  

- European Valid card accepted by any ESN Section


How can I have the ESNcard?

You can get it at our office during office hours, please check this page for further information.










You can find all the information on

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