We created a Facebook group for International Student/Erasmus that needs to find an accommodation or flatmates, for locals who are looking for Internationals/Erasmus to share a flat with, and for house Owners or real estate that want to rent to International Students/Erasmus. Subscribe now to find your perfect flatmates or apartment: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ErasmusAccomodationBologna/

The group is maintained from our Team of volunteers and we kindly invite you to read the rules of the group before post on it. If you are a Real Estate and you would like to have some kind of specific periodic posts or you have some specific needs contact: convenzioni.esnbo@gmail.com


Finding accomodation in Bologna could be not easy. Here we have not a big campus with rooms provided by the University:  you can check some student-houses but, usually, there are not many free rooms, so you will probably have to find your room on your own in the maze of the city center.

An important partner is Spotahome, a company which aim is to make your life smoother by taking the pain out of your rental search.


Why Spotahome?
  • Easy renting for mid - long term stays (1-12 months or more)
  • Personally checked and verified by our HomeCheckers
  • Honest and accurate listings
  • HD video tours, high quality images and floor plans to give you all the information you need to make the right decision
  • 100% online booking secured with just 1 month’s rental payment
  • 24hr move-in guarantee
How does it works?
Start search for your accomodation!

We’ve also partnered with HousingAnywhere.com, the international booking platform for student accommodation. Start searching today and with your ESN Card you can get 10% off their service fee.


You can also check bologna.bakeca.it and www.subito.it.
You can also try to publish something on the wall of our facebook page and group.
Prices for a single room are around 400-550 euro; usually a bed in a shared room (Posto Letto) is for 300 - 450 euro. We know it is very important for you to find a good room as soon as possible, but we suggest you to take your time to understand which is the right room for you.
Try to visit at least 10-15 houses and remember that, if you choose a room outside the city center, you will save money, but it will be more complicate for you to enjoy the student life that takes place in the center at night!
When you find the room you will be asked to give a "CAPARRA" (deposit). Usually you have to pay in advance 1 or 2 months that are given back at the end of your staying.
Very important: when you pay the "caparra", ask for a receipt or pay by bank transaction, as evidence of your payment. Do the same when you have to pay the monthly rent, in the future you could always have problems with the owner of the flat.
As you can understand, the room-quest might take some days so it is good to book a cheap place to stay until you don't find your own one. You might check some free-hosting website like CouchSurfing or BeWelcome.
Come on, good luck! The first chapter of the erasmus experience is always this one ;)