Bologna’s musical history can be really surprising: did you know that the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to our city to study music? Do you want to visit the place where he did his exam to become a “Master Composer”, when he was just 14? You could also listen to a concert in the very same room!

This place is the Accademia Filarmonica, an institution founded in 1666 to help musicians share their passion for music and their musical knowledge. During the latter half of the XVIII century, the fame of Father Giovan Battista Martini, a prominent figure in the European culture at that time, made the Accademia Filarmonica one of the most advanced musical institutions in the continent. For this reason, the young Mozart came to Bologna accompanied by his father in 1770, to obtain his prestigious diploma, that is still housed in the Historical Archive of the Accademia, together with an incredibly rich collection of scores, manuscripts, books and documents gathered over the centuries.


Fascinating? Here you can find all the opportunities for Erasmus students:


If you want to listen to a chamber music concert in one of the most ancient concert halls of the city, here is the list of our next concerts:

  • May 6th at 5 pm, Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi, Strada Maggiore 43:  Paolo Oreni, organ – music by: Mozart, Bach, Widor, Vierne, Oreni
  • May 10th at 8.30 pm, Accademia Filarmonica, via Guerrazzi 13:  Arcadia Quartet, string quartet – music by: Mozart, Haydn, Bartók
  • May 20th at 5 pm, Accademia Filarmonica, via Guerrazzi 13: Michelle Candotti, piano – music by: Chopin, Verdi/Liszt, Liszt
  • May 29th at 8.30 pm, Accademia Filarmonica, via Guerrazzi 13: Schumann Quartet, string quartet – music by: Mozart, Barber, Reimann, Beethoven

You can buy a ticket for each concert at the special price of 8 euros. How? It’s simple: the day of the concert, come at the ticket office, in the same place of the concert, half an hour before the beginning of the concert and show your University ID.



We have a lot of rooms with pianos in our building, in via Guerrazzi 13. You can book for an hour (or more) and play your music, paying 8 euros per hour. Just send an e-mail to: and book at least one day in advance.



You can book for a guided tour in Accademia Filarmonica! We accept groups of 10-15 people, minimum. The ticket for each person is 4 euros.